Terms of Use

General Conditions, Terms of Use and Confidentiality

Servitebca Perú, Servicio de Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios y Pagos S.A., established in the City of Lima, and enrolled in the electronic entry 12072298 of the Public Registry of Lima, dated October 19th 2007, henceforth called “The Company”, hereby there will be exposed the terms and conditions that dictate the use and confidentiality of The Company’s electronic platform, henceforth called “The Platform”.

Users are obligated to carefully read these General Conditions, Terms of Use and Confidentiality before continuing their way on this website, and by doing so, it will be understood that they agree with them and declare that they accept to faithfully obey the instructions and obligations contained herein.

The Company is not responsible for the security measures that should be taken by users when they obtain their personal codes and passwords, nor for their inappropriate use at safekeeping them. In this way, The Company releases itself from all liability regarding the misuse of codes, passwords, electronic signatures, certifications and even the hardware itself where privileged information is stored. This liability release extends to any damage caused by the users from the misuse of the information contained within The Platform. Also, The Company is not responsible for any breach or delay in providing its services, as long as it’s a product of a fortuitous event and/or force majeure, for as long as they persist.

The Company’s Platform provides their Users the necessary tools to comply and use the different programs it offers, in an effective, quick and totally safe way. However, The Company does not guarantee in any way an uninterrupted or error free service in its website.

This Platform owned by The Company, offers links to other websites, and therefore the access to them would be at the risk of the Users. In the same way, the Users may encounter advertisements referring to product promotions and Company services, which will be governed by the contracts regulating them, as well as the terms and conditions that dictate each promotion.

The Company declares that the data, information, and, in general, products and services offered, when belonging or referring to the User, are submitted to the constitutional, lawful and administrative provisions that guarantee the rights to privacy of communications and access to personal information, according to the provisions in numeral 6, article 2 of the Political Constitution of Perú and in the Law 29733, the Law of Personal Data Protection and its Regulations, as approved by Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS.

In this way, users understand that the information contained, fixed and displayed for the public in Company’s Platform, is considered data messages according to the terms and conditions exposed herein. Regarding data messages, the right to communications privacy and access to personal information are guaranteed.

The Company declares that the data messages are sheltered by security devices that provide verification that they not been tampered with, as they have remained whole during their generation, communication, transmission, reception and archive. They can also confirm the issuer’s identity to prove its origin. Likewise, these data messages are recorded and can be retrieved and consulted later.
In the same way, The Company declares that all intellectual endeavors, brands, slogans, domain names, designs and any other immaterial goods, whether they are protected under the norms of Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Copyright, will have The Company as the sole proprietor of the economic rights on the protected immaterial objects, who is the only one that may utilize them according to the protection and faculties that the current intellectual property judicial system gives them in Peru.

The Company will do its best effort for the adequate use of its technological platforms, guaranteeing the honor and personal and familiar privacy of its Users, and they understand it thusly. However, The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend service to the Users at any time and without prior notification, as long as it’s for maintenance of The Platform or any other technical reasons considered necessary and convenient. In these instances there will be no kind of compensation from The Company to the Users.

Users, according to The Platform’s security and privacy terms, may revoke their consent or authorization from any of the service channels of The Company, if they don´t wish to receive commercial electronic messages, in which case, The Company will cease to send those envoys and will apply the necessary corrective amicable measures.

The Company reserves at total discretion the right to employ all means at its disposition to immediately withdraw any user that infringes any of The Platform’s privacy and security terms, which includes sending false information that is not susceptible of being verified in its authenticity.

Likewise, The Company has the right to change the security and privacy terms, with any changes being published in The Platform to notify its Users.

Therefore, in case of any violation to the security and privacy terms, to the systems that use information technologies, the privacy of people and communications and to the intellectual property linked to The Platform, the dispositions on the Penal Code about Computer Crimes and other current and applicable laws in Peru will apply.