How It Works

Voygo Program

Voygo is the card that allows you to use your per diems and incentives in thousands of establishments and throughout the Internet, as well as withdrawing cash through ATMs.

  • Accepted at thousands of establishments and websites internationally
  • Shop for exact amounts without worrying about the change
  • Availability of cash at international ATMs
  • Use of a PIN for added security
  • Check your balance on the consumer voucher, on under Voygo Online / Users, on the Mobile App or in the Customer Service Center
  • Temporary or permanent blocks

Access Channels

Customer Service Center
Phone (511) 619-3500
Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
To check your balance and transfers log in through Voygo Online / Users

Write to to request a card and/or PIN replacement

Voygo App
Download the app in the app stores: App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android)


Voygo allows you to electronically issue, reload and manage stored value accounts, for use by employees, customers and approved partners.

1. Enroll

Sign-up and use our web-based platform to make disbursements and manage funds electronically based on your specific needs.

2. Configure

Your Voygo master account is preconfigured to integrate you company’s ERP system, facilitating operational, administrative and control management.

3. Issue

Identify the users for whom you will open accounts and reload amounts, and we will securely deliver physicial cards or virtual accounts wherever your company indicates.

4. Pay, Reload, and Review Operations

According to the parameters previously established, your employees can make purchases from any merchant that accepts Visa and Mastercard. Reload and review operations through reports and graphs available online.

Around the clock support

On the App: 


On the Phone:

USA +1 305 372 3585
Perú +51 1 619 3500
Colombia +57 1 419 3358