Who reloads the cards?

The card can only be reloaded by the company, who defines the amount and the frequency of any reloads. Deposits made by the company will appear in the card’s transactions.

What operations can you perform with your cards?

Our cards allow the user to perform the following operations:

  • Purchases at thousands of establishments that accept Visa and Mastercard
  • Online purchases
  • Cash withdrawals at any ATM
  • P2P money transfers

How do I make a purchase at affiliated businesses?

It’s very simple, just follow these steps:

  • When paying for your purchases, present the card to the business owner
  • Enter your PIN, and remember not to allow third parties to access your PIN
  • The value of your purchase will be automatically debited from your card
  • Request a receipt as proof of your purchase
  • Remember that any transaction made with the card and PIN is valid and therefore will be considered carried out by the cardholder
  • On the receipt for your purchase, you’ll see your available balance, reflecting the latest purchase.

How do I get my PIN?

When you receive your card, you’ll also receive a printed PIN. You can change this PIN through:

  • App Voygo: Download it in Google Play (Android) and APP Store (IOS)
  • www.Voygo.com: Sign up and login in Voygo Online/User option
  • Customer Service at (01) 61935 00 Option 1

How can Users check their balance or transfers on their card?

  • You can check available balance and transfers via:
    www.voygo.com, log in to Voygo Online / Users, if you are registered, enter your username and password, and you can see all of your card’s transactions in detail.
  • Download the Voygo App in the app stores: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS)
  • Customer Service Center at (511) 619-3500, available 24 hours

How do I access my Voygo card user account online?

Once you access the site www.voygo.com, select Voygo Online / Users. If it is your first time on the site, you must register. To register, you’ll need the following details: country, card number, DNI number, and 4-digit PIN (which was printed along with your card or you changed via the Call Center). Accept the conditions of use and click the continue button. To access your account, the system will ask you to create a username and password that meets all of the indicated requirements.

What is the procedure to filing a claim?

  • To request a claim, you can email info@voygo.com
  • The claim must be filed only by the beneficiary or cardholder.
  • It is important to take into account that the claim must be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of the transaction.
  • Once the claim has been received, a response will be issued within a maximum period of thirty (30) days. Depending on the nature of the claim, additional information may be requested.

If I lose the card or it is stolen, do I lose my balance?

No, the balance is not lost. In case of theft or lost, please request a lock on your acount and replaced your card. You can request through:

  • App Voygo: Download it in Google Play (Android) and APP Store (IOS)
  • www.Voygo.com: Sign up and login in Voygo Online/User option
  • Customer Service at (01) 61935 00 Option 1

How can I request a replacement Voygo card?

You can request a replacement card and/ PIN through:

  • App Voygo: Download it in Google Play (Android) and APP Store (IOS)
  • www.Voygo.com: Sign up and login in Voygo Online/User
  • Email: info@voygo.com

What should i do if the card is rejected?

  • Make sure you are completing a transaction at a business that accepts Visa and Mastercard
  • Verify that you have a balance available to pay the full amount of your purchase
  • Check that the business owner has processed your purchase correctly and that your PIN is correct
  • If you have any doubts and/or questions, please contact our Customer Service Center at (511) 619-8931 to get appropriate guidance

Is Voygo for individuals or for companies?

Voygo is a cash management and treasury solution for organizations that wish to simplify their per diem disbursements, be they employees, partners or customers. Accounts are individualized in the name of the user.

Is there is minimum monetary value or number of accounts required to be a Voygo customer?

Yes, there are minimum thresholds for Voygo to be a viable service for most companies. However, these can vary. Our sales department (sales@voygo.com) will quickly help your company estimate the number, frequency and value of disbursements you anticipate in a given year, and whether Voygo makes sense for you.

Do individual Voygo accounts require accompanying physical cards or can they be digital/virtual?

Accounts do not require an accompanying physical card and can be 100% virtual, meaning they are strictly for online purchases.

Where is Voygo accepted?

Voygo is accepted internationally, everywhere that Visa and Mastercard are accepted, be it a merchant’s physical point-of-sale or an approved e-commerce site.

Is it possible to limit where Voygo can be used?

Organizations can restrict certain merchant categories to help ensure that the funds allocated are used in the way they were intended. Additionally, our corporate customers have the flexibility to set these parameters company-wide or at the individual account level. We’ll help you customize your program to suit your organization’s specific needs.

Can Voygo cards be used at ATMs?

Yes, users can withdraw funds via international and local ATM networks. However, this is a feature that companies can enable or disable company-wide or at the individual level.

What currency does the program utilize?

The primary currency for all purchases is in USD denomination for global cross-border transactions. However, programs may be customized to use other currency denominations, if required.

What happens when a user loses their card or PIN or has it stolen?

Users and administrators can quickly block funds and request a replacement card or PIN through the Voygo App, online at Voygo.com, or by contacting our 24-hour Customer Service Center at (511) 619-8931.

Can Voygo cards be co-branded with my company’s logo?

Yes, companies can co-brand or white-label the solution incorporating their logo and branding standards (i.e. on cards, card-carriers, apps, etc.)

Is it possible to integrate the solution with my company’s ERP or Travel Management System?

Yes, Voygo features a number of APIs and can be integrated with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft DP Dynamics, among other systems.

In addition to the reloads you receive from the company, can the user make direct deposits?

No, only the company is authorized to make deposits on these cards.

Does Voygo have reporting tools?

Voygo’s administrators have a suite of reports available covering the operations carried out by the company, which also allow the monitoring of transactions, thus facilitating administrative management and audit controls.

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